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Grab Bags : Inserts (3 INSERTS IN A PACK)

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By purchasing this grab bag, not only you are saving a great deal, you will also be able to experiment with different layout.

Most of the inserts are in perfect condition while some might be in #teamoopsie as they could not passed our strict quality control.



  • Only one size of inserts in each grab bag (no special request of designs / mix of different sizes)
  • Some of the inserts might have tiny flaws / imperfections like small stain on the inside pages, scratched laminated cover or imperfect stitched binding. Otherwise, they are still perfect to journal in and use. 
  • Our inserts are normally priced around $5-8 per pack. For purchasing 1 grab bag at $10.50 - $11.99, you will get 3 sets of inserts (of the same size, with different designs). The designs of the inserts in each bag is different and by purchasing multiple bags, you will get different inserts (in random designs). 

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