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Decal Sticker : Jumbo Albums (Decal only, Not Albums)

The listing only include a set of 3 stickers for Happie Scrappie Sticker albums (Jumbo Sized). It comes with stickers for the front, back and spine of the albums. This is a fun way to give your existing album a make-over!

How To Apply Decal Stickers to your existing album(s):

Please remove the previous from your sticker album by using Un-Du Adhesive Remover or Liquid Label Remover (from Daiso). And clean the surface of the albums with alcohol swabs to remove all the sticky residue. This step will ensure the new decal stickers to adhere properly on the frosted plastic cover. 

Start applying the decal along the spine slowly, and follow by the bigger piece of decal stickers for front & back cover. Please scrap the decal sticker to remove any air bubble using an old credit card or plastic card.

1) NO refunds or returns for album orders. Please check the sizes & designs of albums before checking out as all sales are final!
2) NO limits per order, order as many as you would like to!


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