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Vertical Weekly Sticker : Hanami Cafe // Buy-All-Bundle (WITH FOIL) (F707 - F714)

 These stickers are now upgraded to gel-pen friendly matte vinyl sticker.


8 x Vertical Stickers (Holo Pink Foiled) : F707, F708, F709, F710, F711, F712, F713, F714

20 Glitter Die Cut Stickers : HC025

10 Hobo Cousin Stickers (Decoration + Journaling) (Holo Pink Foiled) : HC011, HC012, HC013, HC014,  HC018, HC020, HC021, HC022, HC023, HC024


Sticker Sheet measurement : 

Hobo Cousin Stickers : 110mm x 178mm (4.3 inch x 7 inch)

Vertical Weekly Stickers : 170mm x 115mm (6.7 inch x 4.5 inch)

Die Cut Stickers measurement : approx 2.5 - 3 inch

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