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Hobo Weeks Sticker Kit

HOBO WEEKS Sticker Kit

  • 6-page sticker kit. Each sheet of stickers measures at 3.4 inch x 5.7 inch
  • We also include extra 2  sheets of foiled quarter stickers (Mini Elements and date numbers)
  • Planner accessories like sticker folder, pencil board, stickie pockets are sized to fit Hobonichi weeks planner
  • Stickers are kiss cut and ready to be used in any planners
  • Foiled and laminated vinyl sticker
  • Multiple kits subscriber do get an charm / pin (worth $8.99)!
  • Not Suitable for PP Weeks planner as the stickers in this kit does not match PP weeks layout!
  • All kits include shipping and are shipped during last week of the month.
  • All subscribers will receive subscribers exlusive #freegies stickers & digital #freegies every month! 
Hobo Weeks Sticker Kit  ($29.99 includes shipping)