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Pencil Board : Hobonichi Weeks / Weeks Mega // Bee-YOU-tiful (Holo Gold Foiled)

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- These pencil board are cut to size to fit Hobonichi Weeks / Weeks Mega and laminated with 175micron lamination pouch

- Pencil board are print double sided and one side has foil details

- Size : 87mm x 183mm

- you can also tip it into the clear cover from hobonichi.


What are pencil board for?

These pencil boards are specially fitted for the Hobonichi Weeks. Keeping it underneath the page you’re writing on allows the reinforcement of the thin, comfortable board to provide an enjoyable writing experience.

The pencil board is recommended for users who have filled their inner cover pockets with thick items pushing up the paper, or users who write with a lot of pressure and leave marks on the opposite pages.

Due to the nature of the pattern paper for grumpy bee / bee happy, the foiled side of the paper has 2 variations. One has Grumpy bee, and the other option has Bee Booties. The design on the pencil boardwill be packed randomly unless you have left NOTES before check out.

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