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Sales // Blind Box - Happie Sticker Kits // 53% discount

No limit on number of boxes / kits per order. We will try to pack a variety of theme / kit sizes for each order to avoid repeats. No combined orders allowed.

Previously our planner kits / sticker kits were at $29.99 each. now we are listing the blind box (planner kits / sticker kits - random sizes) at $13 each. Thats 53% discount per blind box.

If you love surprise or mystery boxes, you would love to try our blind box. The blind boxes could be full / partial (missing 1-3 items) planner kits (not oops) from our past themes. 

Kit sizes will be picked randomly, and no special color / insert sizes / kit theme request please!  Inserts do not come in all the kits!

The theme/ month of Happie Pen Box will be picked randomly, and no special kit /  pen /theme request please! The boxes are usually a full / partial (missing 1-3 items) from our past kits. Rest assure there will be at least 1 fountain pen per pen box.

Listing picture showing examples of our past Happie Sticker kits, it might not be the exact same pens / items / boxes that you will get in your order(s).

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