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WHOLESALE Supplies / Sticker Paper : Matte Vinyl Sticker With Clear Backing // Pack of 100

Due to weight limit, for Vinyl Sticker paper, limited to 10 packs per order (total 1000 sheets per order). 

Please note : We are only shipping these sticker papers to US and Singapore due to a hike in shipping cost by Singapore Post / courier.

- Matte Vinyl sticker for inkjet printing

- These Matte Vinyl stickers are perfect for making planner stickers and die cut stickers for your journals and planners. you can add different overlay stickers to make holographic effect, and make it more waterproof.

- Measures at 210mm x 297mm (A4 sized) with clear backing

- Each pack has 100 sheets of A4 sized matte vinyl sticker

- These stickers are made to print with Inkjet printers for optimal printing results. Do not use these on laser printer.

- Please store these sticker papers in a dry and cool place. The vinyl stickers curl up  when receive (as showed in listing photo), but it does not affect the usage.


Printing Tips:

These matte vinyl stickers are thicker than the vinyl stickers that we use for our shop. I have tried printing these sticker paper with Epson and Canon Inkjet Printer. The setting that gives the best printing results is to use printing presets for Semi-Glossy / Glossy photo paper (Best / High quality settings). If there is ink pooling or takes longer time to dry, please try printing with the same semi-glossy / glossy paper setting, but print at standard quality instead of high quality. 

What works for my printers might not work for your printer. Working with these sticker papers might need a few trials and errors.

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