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WHOLESALE Supplies / Sticker Paper : Pearlescent Sticker With Clear Backing // Pack of 100

Due to weight limit, for Pearlescent Sticker paper, limited to 10 packs per order (total 1000 sheets per order). 

Please note : We are only shipping these sticker papers to US and Singapore due to a hike in shipping cost by Singapore Post / courier.

- Pearlescent paper sticker for inkjet printing

- These pearlescent paper stickers are perfect for making planner stickers and photo stickers for your journals and planners. They are are on a cooler white tone, with tiny glittery speckles, and will add really nice texture to your pages

- Measures at 210mm x 297mm (A4 sized) with clear backing

- Each pack has 100 sheets of A4 sized pearlescent paper sticker

- These stickers are made to print with Inkjet printers for optimal printing results. Do not use these on laser printer.

- Please store these sticker papers in a dry and cool place. The papers might be curl up a little bit when receive, but it does not affect the usage.


Printing Tips:

These are the same pearlescent sticker materials that we used for the pearlescent stickers that we sell in our shop. I have tried printing these sticker paper with Epson and Canon Inkjet Printer. The setting that gives the best printing results is to use printing presets for Semi-Glossy / Glossy photo paper (Best / High quality settings). If there is ink pooling or takes longer time to dry, please try printing with the same semi-glossy / glossy paper setting, but print at standard quality instead of high quality. 

What works for my printers might not work for your printer. Working with these sticker papers might need a few trials and errors.

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